Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: Students Exhibit work as part of Trowbridge Arts Festival

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Students from the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Programme based at the Trowbridge Campus undertook a one day drawing research project at Trowbridge Town Hall, before displaying their results as part of Trowbridge Arts Festival.

The 67 students who are in the first term of the course, were given a guided historical tour of the building by Rosemary Hawkes (Trowbridge Town Hall Friends Group) and Laura Pictor(Volunteer Director Trowbridge Town Hall Trust), before working on site for a day to produce a completed sketchbook. The work was exhibited as part of Trowbridge Arts Festival with over 1500 visitors seeing the various works on show at the Town Hall.

Students used drawing and mark making to explore the building through one of three themes; either ‘pattern and surface’, ‘history and atmosphere’, or ‘spatial relationships’. By working in series through the books, students developed a personal response to the environment through media and visual ideas, before taking their discoveries back to the studio, expanding and developing into large scale 2D and 3D studies as part of their coursework.